About Us

We are a group of Architects, Engineers, Designers with a great passion for the figurative art and that in particular we translate with great interest in the field of Architecture and Design.
For us it is certainly a professional job that makes us live and must make us live economically but we do it with great desire because we like it and because we have fun.
We work in an artisanal way in our "workshops" and we have fun inventing, drawing, designing.
In recent years we have become a little 'refractory with the bureaucracy in our country / country, has also become suffocating.
We are looking for spaces and opportunities that allow us to express ourselves at our best.

Our true vocation is the design, innovation, research of new elements and materials, making and undoing, trying, putting together materials, drawing, composing and decomposing, we are practically craftsmen of Architecture and Design.
We immediately three-dimension ideas, projects, modify them, replace them, test them, apply colors, many times we put them in part and then we start again until we start to like them or our customers - every idea, every project and every realization has its own story - then we start the real development.
We are very sensitive and passionate about studying and understanding the past because we think that from the knowledge of the past we can better interpret the present and the future.

The fields where we like to apply ourselves are Architecture, Urban Planning, Design, Structures and we have always worked in seismic areas so we have a static but also a dynamic vision of things.
Civil and residential architecture of all kinds, industrial architecture, craft and production, commercial and services in general, hotel architecture, accommodation and sports.
Recovery of building complexes and ancient buildings and the past, Restoration and Renovation.
We have good experience in the field of Urban Planning and in particular in the detailed design of territories and existing urban fabrics with their respective technological infrastructures.
We have good experience in the field of Structures and particularly in seismic areas having composed and worked with reinforced concrete, iron, wood, masonry of all kinds, composite materials and compounds.
Some members of our group are passionate about design - chairs, chairs, tables, furniture, rooms, furnishings in general, even made to measure with the collaboration of artisan friends, carpenters, blacksmiths, glassmakers, masons, artists, etc..
We have a 'good experience in the field of public works and excellent knowledge of technical regulations and sector concerning our country.

For us one of the "missions" and objectives is to make people live better in healthy housing close to the concepts and philosophies of green building, in homes and housing energy self-sufficient and negative impact on the environment equal to zero in a context with nature where man and the person are the focus of our way of working in balance with it.

Our Team:

 Arch. Regazzo Claudio

Dott. Arch. Paolo De Candido

Ing.  Veronika Bernat